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wsgiref/  2069  18 years  pje  Migrate wsgiref package to use common ez_setup checkout.
.orphans/  2074  18 years  pje  Moved kjbuckets to .orphans
PyProtocols/  2082  18 years  pje  Remove 'dispatch' package from PyProtocols, as it's now in RuleDispatch
RuleDispatch/  2083  18 years  pje  Remove unneeded setup crud.
PEAK/  2085  18 years  pje  Splice back in dispatch tests to peak.tests
SCALE/  2088  18 years  pje  Implemented parsing of SCALE declaration statements, so you can now experiment ...
ez_setup/  2090  18 years  pje  Updating ez_setup for setuptools 0.6a1
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