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.orphans/  2074  17 years  pje  Moved kjbuckets to .orphans
SCALE/  2088  17 years  pje  Implemented parsing of SCALE declaration statements, so you can now experiment ...
SymbolType/  2150  16 years  pje  Split peak.util.symbols into its own project.
wsgiref/  2185  16 years  pje  Merge changes back from the Python trunk. :(
DecoratorTools/  2206  16 years  pje  Fix structs of different types being able to compare equal to each other.
Importing/  2213  16 years  pje  doc tweak
Trellis/  2215  16 years  pje  Minor code tweak that didn't get checked in a few weeks ago. Doesn't matter mu...
ProxyTypes/  2224  16 years  pje  Add PyPI URL
Contextual/  2227  16 years  pje  More work on docs
BytecodeAssembler/  2234  16 years  pje  Added ``And`` and ``Or`` node types.
PEAK-Rules/  2235  16 years  pje  Implement bytecode generation for expressions; this is basically equivalent to ...
CityKid/  2239  16 years  pje  Don't crash on empty folders.
simplegeneric/  2245  16 years  pje  Add inspection, thread-safety, docs. 0.6 release.
PyProtocols/  2246  16 years  pje  Update bundled doctest module for Python 2.5 support
RuleDispatch/  2247  16 years  pje  Crude hacks to make tests pass on Python 2.5, at least when using --without-spee...
PEAK/  2248  16 years  pje  Added "paramstyle" support for SQL connections, so you can write backend-agnost...
ez_setup/  2250  16 years  pje  Update ez_setup for setuptools 0.6c4
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