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ProxyTypes/  2273  13 years  pje  Doc fixes
SCALE/  2088  15 years  pje  Implemented parsing of SCALE declaration statements, so you can now experiment ...
ez_setup/  2389  13 years  pje  Update ez_setup for setuptools 0.6c7
DecoratorTools/  2408  12 years  pje  Add ``classy`` metaclass base for use by AddOns, Contextual, and Trellis.
CityKid/  2442  12 years  pje  Add a "#begin-post" target to teaser links
.tags/  2254  13 years  pje  Tagging DadaMail 2.10.12
PEAK/  2330  13 years  pje  Fix for cancelling IO events not stopping their select()-ability.
RuleDispatch/  2427  12 years  pje  Switch to using peak.util.extremes, at least for the Python implementation. Kee...
Presentable/  2439  12 years  pje  Implement the rendering process, w/rules and handlers and such.
SymbolType/  2150  14 years  pje  Split peak.util.symbols into its own project.
Contextual/  2410  12 years  pje  Use ``classy`` metaclass
Plugins/  2404  13 years  pje  Fixup dependency so Contextual download link can be found
BytecodeAssembler/  2234  14 years  pje  Added ``And`` and ``Or`` node types.
Extremes/  2425  12 years  pje  Bump version # after PyPI upload
Trellis/  2441  12 years  pje  Restore Python 2.3 compatibility. This is of somewhat limited benefit, since th...
DadaFork/  2260  13 years  pje  Correct off-by-one error
PyDicia/  2333  13 years  pje  Bump version after release
.orphans/  2074  15 years  pje  Moved kjbuckets to .orphans
WebHaiku/  2443  12 years  pje  Use Contextual for database services
ObjectRoles/  2395  13 years  pje  Deprecate ObjectRoles and make it a wrapper around AddOns
wsgiref/  2185  14 years  pje  Merge changes back from the Python trunk. :(
PyProtocols/  2302  13 years  pje  Fixed PyProtocols support for zope.interface
Importing/  2292  13 years  pje  Wrap all sys.modules and module-hook manipulation with the import lock. We didn'...
AddOns/  2409  12 years  pje  Use ``classy`` metaclass.
simplegeneric/  2245  14 years  pje  Add inspection, thread-safety, docs. 0.6 release.
PEAK-Rules/  2426  12 years  pje  Switch to using peak.util.extremes
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