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Revision: 2124 - (download) (as text)
Sun Apr 9 19:46:34 2006 UTC (14 years, 10 months ago) by pje
File size: 3166 byte(s)
Another attempt to fix the screwed-up import
from datetime import datetime, tzinfo, timedelta

from urllib2 import urlopen, Request
import re

ZERO = timedelta(0)
HOUR = timedelta(hours=1)

# A UTC class.

class UTC(tzinfo):

    def utcoffset(self, dt):
        return ZERO

    def tzname(self, dt):
        return "UTC"

    def dst(self, dt):
        return ZERO

utc = UTC()

# A class capturing the platform's idea of local time.

import time as _time

STDOFFSET = timedelta(seconds = -_time.timezone)
if _time.daylight:
    DSTOFFSET = timedelta(seconds = -_time.altzone)


class LocalTimezone(tzinfo):

    def utcoffset(self, dt):
        if self._isdst(dt):
            return DSTOFFSET
            return STDOFFSET

    def dst(self, dt):
        if self._isdst(dt):
            return DSTDIFF
            return ZERO

    def tzname(self, dt):
        return _time.tzname[self._isdst(dt)]

    def _isdst(self, dt):
        tt = (dt.year, dt.month, dt.day,
              dt.hour, dt.minute, dt.second,
              dt.weekday(), 0, -1)
        stamp = _time.mktime(tt)
        tt = _time.localtime(stamp)
        return tt.tm_isdst > 0

Local = LocalTimezone()

HREF = re.compile("""href\\s*=\\s*['"]?([^'"> ]+)""", re.I)
USER_AGENT = 'PythonBlogger/0.1'

class Post:
    def __init__(self, title, text, date=None, draft=False, postId=None, postURL=None):
        self.title = title
        self.text = text
        self.draft = draft
        self.postId = postId
        self.postURL = postURL
        if date is None:
            date = datetime.utcnow().replace(tzinfo=utc)
        if date.tzinfo is None:
            date = date.replace(tzinfo=Local)
        self.date = date

    def as_atom(self):
        return """\
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<entry xmlns="http://purl.org/atom/ns#">
<title mode="escaped" type="text/html">%s</title>
<content type="application/xhtml+xml" mode="escaped" \
xml:base="http://dirtsimple.org/" xml:space="preserve"><![CDATA[%s]]></content>
<draft xmlns="http://purl.org/atom-blog/ns#">%s</draft>
        """ % (
            USER_AGENT, self.date.strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%z"), self.title,
            self.text, str(self.draft).lower()

class Blog:
    def __init__(self, blogId, user, password):
        self.blogId = blogId
        self.atomURL = 'https://www.blogger.com/atom/' + blogId
        self.headers = {
            'Authorization':'BASIC '+(user+':'+password).encode('base64').strip(),
            'User-Agent': USER_AGENT, 'Content-type':'application/xml',
    def add(self, post):
        data = urlopen( Request(self.atomURL, post.as_atom(), self.headers) ).read()
        for match in HREF.finditer(data):
            link = match.group(1)
            if link.startswith(self.atomURL) and post.postId is None:
                post.postId = link[len(self.atomURL)+1:]
            elif post.postURL is None:
                post.postURL = link


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