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Author: pje
Date: Sat Feb 24 05:37:44 2007 UTC (15 years, 9 months ago)

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Major API overhaul.  Service classes now act like peak.binding.Singletons,
in that the class itself is a proxy for the current instance.  This
eliminates the need for two names to refer to the "same" object.  Settings
are now created with decorators, the module is peak.context instead of
peak.util.context, and many many other changes.  And there are still more
to come, but mostly additions and some tweaks to how the App context works.

Changed paths:

Path Action Text Changes Prop Changes Diff to Previous
Contextual/Contextual.txt modified X   (diff to previous)
Contextual/README.txt modified X   (diff to previous)
Contextual/context.txt modified X   (diff to previous)
Contextual/context_tests.txt modified X   (diff to previous)
Contextual/peak/context.py added X X  
Contextual/peak/util deleted      
Contextual/setup.py modified X   (diff to previous)
Contextual/test_context.py modified X   (diff to previous)


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