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Line 1 
Line 1 
   import sys
   suites = []
   if sys.version>='2.4':
       if sys.version>='2.5':
       #XXX suites.append('context.txt')
       sorted = sorted
   except NameError:
       def sorted(seq,key=None):
           if key:
               d = [(key(v),v) for v in seq]
               d = list(seq)
           if key:
               return [v[1] for v in d]
           return d
 def additional_tests():  def additional_tests():
     import doctest      import doctest
       import __future__
       globs = dict(sorted=sorted)
       if hasattr(__future__,'with_statement'):
           globs['with_statement'] = __future__.with_statement
     return doctest.DocFileSuite(      return doctest.DocFileSuite(
         'README.txt', 'Contextual.txt', 'context_tests.txt', 'context.txt',          #'README.txt', 'Contextual.txt', 'context.txt', 'context_tests.txt',
         optionflags=doctest.ELLIPSIS,          optionflags=doctest.ELLIPSIS|doctest.REPORT_ONLY_FIRST_FAILURE,
           globs=globs, *suites
     )      )

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