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version 2288, Sun Feb 25 02:31:00 2007 UTC version 2511, Sun Mar 9 17:58:19 2008 UTC
Line 1 
Line 1 
 import sys  import sys, unittest
 suites = []  suites = []
 if sys.version>='2.4':  if sys.version>='2.4':
Line 21 
Line 21 
             return [v[1] for v in d]              return [v[1] for v in d]
         return d          return d
   class TestStateInitialization(unittest.TestCase):
       def testStateGet(self):
           from peak.context import State
           self.assertEqual(State.parent, State.root)
       def testStateLookupInOtherThread(self):
           from peak.context import State, Service, lookup
           my_state = State.get()
           other_state = []
           def test_other_thread():
               lookup(Service) # test lookup() path of state creation
           from threading import Thread
           t = Thread(target = test_other_thread)
           state = other_state.pop()
           self.assertNotEqual(my_state, state)
           self.assertEqual(state.parent, State.root)
 def additional_tests():  def additional_tests():
     import doctest      import doctest
     import __future__      import __future__
Line 32 
Line 72 
         globs=globs, *suites          globs=globs, *suites
     )      )

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