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peak/  2776  5 years  pje  Full featureset is now available on 3.x, w/clean tests
setup.cfg  2501  12 years  pje  Register 0.5a1.dev with the cheeseshop
Syntax-Matching.txt  2763  5 years  pje  Change preferred syntax matching to ~~x instead of `x`
AST-Builder.txt  2748  5 years  pje  Python 3 syntax and type compatibility for more tests
Criteria.txt  2737  5 years  pje  More Python 3 repr fixes
README.txt  2764  5 years  pje  Fix various shallow test failures on 3.x
Code-Generation.txt  2774  5 years  pje  Remove remaining shallow/cascading test failures on 3.x
Indexing.txt  2762  5 years  pje  Unify exception reprs across 2.x and 3.x so tests work
test_rules.py  2773  5 years  pje  3.3 and 3.4 should now have identical test output to 3.1 and 3.2
wikiup.cfg  2649  9 years  pje  Wiki cleanups
DESIGN.txt  2772  5 years  pje  Fix some 3.3+ shallow failures
setup.py  2761  5 years  pje  Update required versions of BytecodeAssembler and DecoratorTools
Predicates.txt  2777  5 years  pje  Fix spurious 3.3+ failure; now tests run clean on 3.3/3.4, too
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