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Author: pje
Date: Thu May 1 17:43:55 2003 UTC (17 years, 8 months ago)

Log Message:

Added 'fcgiapp' to distribution; this should be the final checkin for
0.5a1, barring any bug or doc fixes that come up while prepping
the release.

Changed paths:

Path Action Text Changes Prop Changes Diff to Previous
PEAK/INSTALL.txt modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/README.txt modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/TODO.txt modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/setup.py modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/src/fcgiapp added      
PEAK/src/fcgiapp/fastcgi.h added X X  
PEAK/src/fcgiapp/fcgi_config.h added X X  
PEAK/src/fcgiapp/fcgiapp.c added X X  
PEAK/src/fcgiapp/fcgiapp.h added X X  
PEAK/src/fcgiapp/fcgiappmisc.h added X X  
PEAK/src/fcgiapp/fcgiappmodule.c added X X  
PEAK/src/fcgiapp/fcgimisc.h added X X  


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