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Author: pje
Date: Mon Jul 21 00:55:16 2003 UTC (17 years, 7 months ago)

Log Message:

The templates have landed!  We can parse and render templates, and use them
as web methods on locations.  There's even a (yes, just one) unit test.
Big TODO lists both in the package and its test suite, but at least it's
working.  Made minor adjustments to publishing algorithms so that locations
know their parent locations, and methods know the location that they were
found in. Bumped package version to 0.5a3, since we've been in the alpha 3
cycle for a while now.

Changed paths:

Path Action Text Changes Prop Changes Diff to Previous
PEAK/INSTALL.txt modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/README.txt modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/setup.py modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/src/peak/api/tests.py modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/src/peak/peak.ini modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/src/peak/web/publish.py modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/src/peak/web/templates.py modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/src/peak/web/tests added      
PEAK/src/peak/web/tests/__init__.py added X X  
PEAK/src/peak/web/tests/test_templates.py added X X  


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