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Author: pje
Date: Mon Oct 11 19:36:04 2004 UTC (16 years, 8 months ago)

Log Message:

In order to support obtaining the line and column locations of problems in
XML files, we are now using Python 2.4's version of the 'pyexpat' module,
built as 'peak.util.pyexpat'.  Also, added "empty" option to negotiating
XML parser, so that tags which don't want any children can force an error
if a child element appears within them.

Changed paths:

Path Action Text Changes Prop Changes Diff to Previous
PEAK/CHANGES.txt modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/README.txt modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/setup.py modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/src/expat added      
PEAK/src/expat/ascii.h added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/asciitab.h added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/expat.h added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/expat_external.h added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/iasciitab.h added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/internal.h added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/latin1tab.h added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/macconfig.h added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/nametab.h added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/utf8tab.h added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/winconfig.h added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/xmlparse.c added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/xmlrole.c added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/xmlrole.h added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/xmltok.c added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/xmltok.h added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/xmltok_impl.c added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/xmltok_impl.h added X X  
PEAK/src/expat/xmltok_ns.c added X X  
PEAK/src/peak/util/SOX.py modified X   (diff to previous)
PEAK/src/peak/util/pyexpat.c added X X  
PEAK/src/peak/util/tests/SOX.py modified X   (diff to previous)


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