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Added Thu Apr 24 18:05:13 2003 UTC (17 years, 1 month ago) by pje
Semi-final draft of the 'peak.running.commands' framework.  It's now
possible to bootstrap almost anything to run as a PEAK command object;
see 'running.IExecutable'.  Added new 'peak' script (Posix-like OSes and
Cygwin only) that can bootstrap execution of any URL or .ini-defined
shortcut.  Moved CGI/FastCGI publishing command objects to
'peak.running.zpublish', since they aren't useful without the ZPublisher
stuff anyway.  Added "usage" capabilities for commands to display usage
help and to be able to distinguish invocation errors from execution errors.

Note: the diffs for this are going to suck from a readability POV, because
diff doesn't deal well with the removal of a huge block of code in the same
revision as significant doc rewrites or refactoring within classes.  :(

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