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Line 2 
Line 2 
 """Distutils setup file"""  """Distutils setup file"""
 from distutils.core import setup, Command  from distutils.core import setup, Command, Extension
 from distutils.command.install_data import install_data  from distutils.command.install_data import install_data
 from distutils.command.sdist import sdist as old_sdist  from distutils.command.sdist import sdist as old_sdist
 import sys  import sys
Line 146 
Line 146 
     package_dir = {'':'src'},      package_dir = {'':'src'},
       ext_modules = [Extension("kjbuckets", ["src/kjbuckets/kjbucketsmodule.c"])],
     cmdclass = {      cmdclass = {
         'install_data': install_data, 'sdist': sdist, 'happy': happy,          'install_data': install_data, 'sdist': sdist, 'happy': happy,
         'test': test,          'test': test,

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