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Thu Nov 28 23:44:26 2002 UTC (17 years, 10 months ago) by pje
File size: 15 byte(s)
Major speedup for module inheritance, thanks to Pyrex!  The 'codeIndex()'
object and associated iterators are now in C, and the speedup is quite
visible.  It's still not as fast as I'd like, but the next step would be
to rewrite 'prepForSimulation()' in Pyrex, and it's a lot more complex
than the 'codeIndex' class.  Unfortunately, you can't just copy your code
into a .pyx file and expect a speedup; you have to think in C even if
the syntax is Pythonic.  Nonetheless, module inheritance spent so much
time in the old 'codeIndex.__init__' method that it was worth the hour or
two it took to convert.

Added support for Pyrex.Distutils to automatically build from .pyx; if
you're using 'mingw32' and Greg hasn't released my fixes yet, you may want
to edit setup.py to force it to compile from .c files instead and run
'pyrexc' manually against the '.pyx' files.  If you want to tinker with
the 'pyx' source files, you'll want to install Pyrex 0.4.6 or better.


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