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Revision: 967 - (download) (as text)
Sun Apr 6 01:08:50 2003 UTC (18 years ago) by pje
File size: 1777 byte(s)
Added XML namespace support to SOX; this is needed for writing XMI 1.1 and
higher versions, at least to verify the correct namespace prefix for output
"""Tests for SOX"""

from unittest import TestCase, makeSuite, TestSuite
from cStringIO import StringIO
from xml.sax import InputSource
from peak.util import SOX

def stream(str):
    inpsrc = InputSource()
    return inpsrc

class SOXTest(TestCase):

    text = "<nothing/>"

    useNS = False

    def setUp(self):
        self.object = ob = SOX.load(stream(self.text), namespaces=self.useNS)
        self.de = ob.documentElement

class Simple(SOXTest):

    text = """<top foo="bar" baz="spam">TE<middle/>XT</top>"""
    def checkTop(self):
        assert self.de._name == 'top'

    def checkNodelist(self):
        object = self.object
        top = object._get('top')
        assert len(top)==1
        assert object.top is top

    def checkText(self):
        t = []
        for n in self.de._allNodes:
            if n == str(n): t.append(n)
        assert ''.join(t) == 'TEXT'

    def checkAttrs(self):
        assert self.de.foo=='bar'
        assert self.de.baz=='spam'

class NSTest(SOXTest):
    text = """
        <xmi:XMI xmlns:xmi="http://omg.org/XMI/2.0" xmlns="www.zope.org">
            <xmi:model name="MOF" version="1.3"/> [0]
            <Model:Package name="foo" xmlns:Model="http://omg.org/MOF/1.3"/> [1]
            <thingy/> [2]

    useNS = True

    def checkModel(self):
        node = self.de._subNodes[1]
        assert node.ns2uri['Model']=='http://omg.org/MOF/1.3'
        node = self.de._subNodes[2]
        assert 'Model' not in node.ns2uri
        assert node.ns2uri[''] == "www.zope.org"

TestClasses = (
    Simple, NSTest

def test_suite():
    s = []
    for t in TestClasses:

    return TestSuite(s)


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